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    Lancashire rabbit.


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    Lancashire rabbit. Empty Lancashire rabbit.

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:56 pm

    ĽOne fresh Rabbit one large white cabbage half liter of cider or enough to cover ingredients well seasoned plain flour to coat rabbit in. Casserole dish with lid big enough to fit ingredients in .

    Cut rabbit up into about six pieces and coat them in the seasoned flour .

    Slice up cabbage and layer the bottom of the dish leaving enough to make two layers . On top of the cabbage place the seasoned rabbit and cover with the rest of the cabbage . Now pour the cider over the cabbage / rabbit until it just covers put on the lid and place it in a hot oven for one and half hours remove the lid for the last half hour to crisp the top layer of cabbage . Serve hot with carrots and potatoes.

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