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    Old Goose Sausages.


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    Old Goose Sausages.

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:12 pm

    You need...

    •Old goose yielding 3-4lb flesh
    •1lb steaky bacon or belly pork
    •glass red wine or cider
    •salt to taste (less if using bacon)
    •stale bread crust 2-3 crumbed
    •Chopped garlic 4 cloves
    •Black pepper

    Skin goose (not much point plucking this time of year as not much fat under skin)

    Remove breasts, leg, thigh meat. Liver, muscley bit of gizzard, heart + any easily grabbable fat.

    Stick though mincer with pork/bacon, coarse, then medium. Put through bread last to clean mincer.

    Add booze + seasonings + mix thoroughly.

    Make into sausages

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