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    Smoked Salmon Fishcakes.


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    Smoked Salmon Fishcakes.

    Post  Admin on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:10 pm

    Serves 4

    •250g Smoked Salmon & Trout Trimmings
    •2 - 3 tablespoons chopped dill
    •finely grated zest of juice of one lemon
    •500g roughly mashed potatoes
    •freshly ground black pepper
    •seasoned flour
    •1 - 2 eggs, beaten
    •porridge oats / oat flakes to coat
    •vegetable oil for frying

    •Roughly chop up the fish trimmings and add the chopped dill and lemon zest.
    •Break up the mashed potatoes a bit and mix in the fish.
    •Season well with freshly ground black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.
    •Roll into small 50g fishcakes, coat with flour and then dip into beaten egg mix and finally roll in the oat flakes.
    •Gently pan fry in a little hot oil until golden brown and serve with hollandaise sauce.

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