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    A Pigeon for the Pot.


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    A Pigeon for the Pot.

    Post  Admin on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:07 pm

    To Marinade Pigeons


    4 Pigeon breasts

    1 sliced onion

    bottle cheap red wine

    1 bay leaf


    a few mixed herbs


    Cut up the birds and put them in a large earthenware jar or bowl. Mix the vinegar and wine, using half as much vinegar as wine, add the sliced onion and herbs. Pour this over the pigeons. Leave for up to 12 days in a cool room.

    Placing meat in a marinade helps to break down the tissues and will tenderize tough birds, thereby shortening the cooking time.

    To use pigeons which have been in a marinade

    Roll joints in seasoned flour and fry lightly with sliced onions. Place in a greased casserole. Thicken the marinade liquid with a little flour, pour over the meat and cook in a hot over for about 2 hours.

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