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    Pheasant Breast Goujons served with a Wild Blackberry Glaze.


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    Pheasant Breast Goujons served with a Wild Blackberry Glaze.

    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:32 pm


    1 whole breast of pheasant
    1lb of plain flour
    6 medium whisked eggs yolks
    8oz approx of breadcrumbs
    Salt and pepper
    1 tablespoon of chopped basil
    1 pint of vegetable oil

    Glaze ingredients

    6oz of blackberries
    3oz of brown sugar
    pint of red wine
    A zest of lemon and orange
    teaspoon of cinnamon
    2oz of butter


    Pre-heat vegetable oil in a saucepan until hot.
    To quickly skin the pheasant, place the bird on its back and using your feet step on each wing. Grab both legs and pull towards your chest. This should release the breast from the rest of the bird.
    Remove the breast meat and cut into thick slices.
    Place the flour into a bowl.
    In a separate bowl crack and whisk egg yolks.
    Using another bowl add the breadcrumbs and basil and mix thoroughly.
    Pass the strips of meat through the flour remembering to shake off any surplus.
    Individually coat each strip with the egg yolk and roll in the breadcrumbs and basil mix. Again shake off any surplus breadcrumbs.
    Carefully place each goujon into the hot saucepan of oil and cook until golden brown.
    Serve hot as a starter with the blackberry glaze dip.


    In a saucepan place all the ingredients and vigorously boil until smooth and reduced by half.
    Pass the glaze through a sieve and serve as a hot dip in a ramekin dish.

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