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    Venison, Rabbit, Cider and Mustard sausages.


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    Venison, Rabbit, Cider and Mustard sausages.

    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:18 am

    Muntjac and Rabbit with Coarse Grained Mustard and Cider!!

    Following my previous sausage recipe I have been asked for my latest creation, which I must say is quite unique, and probably my tastiest yet!


    Muntjac (boned and cubed) 7.5 lb (I used a whole Muntjac buck)
    Rabbit (boned and diced) 5.5lb
    Cooking Bacon pieces 4.0 lb
    Pinhead Rusk 1 litre
    Dry Cider 1 litre ( I used Strongbow but I’m sure any old ‘Trampagne’ will be fine)
    Coarse Grained Mustard 1 lb
    Salt 2 teaspoons
    Sugar 4 teaspoons
    Black pepper 2 teaspoons
    Garlic powder 2 teaspoons
    Nutmeg (optional) 1 teaspoon


    Chop all meat & bacon into smallish pieces that will fit into the mincer and chill.
    Add remaining herbs and spices to dry rusk and mix thoroughly. Add cider and drink some too to make sure it is ok , lightly mix and chill.
    Add rusk and spices to meat chunks and mix roughly. (The mincer does the rest!)
    Put mix through a coarse mincer disc (I use 8mm) and mix again by hand if required. Chill mix prior to stuffing skins. A small amount of cold water can be added and mixture kneaded prior to stuffing if it is too stiff but this shouldn’t be necessary.
    Stuff mixture into 32/34 mm natural Hog casings which should be rehydrated and flushed through thoroughly.
    This should produce just over 20lb of sausages.
    The cooking bacon you can get from supermarket in vacuum packs. Look for the orange ones as they normally have a bit of smoked in which adds to the final flavour too!

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