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    Rabbit, Squirrel & Pork Terrine.


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    Rabbit, Squirrel & Pork Terrine.

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:24 pm

    1 medium rabbit including liver, heart & kidney
    1 squirrel including liver, heart & kidney
    200 gm fat belly pork
    100 gm pork liver
    6 rashers streaky bacon unsmoked
    2 cloves garlic pureed
    1/2 tsp ground mace
    2 tbsp pickled green pepercorns
    1 glass Medeira
    black pepper coarsely ground
    salt to taste
    2 large bay leaves

    1.Strip the meat from the rabbit and squirrel and cut up with the pork as finely as possible - leg and saddle meat can be chopped more coarsely. Add Madeira, garlic, mace, salt and pepper corns. Leave for at least one hour, mixing occasionally to distribute flavours.

    2.Grease a terrine dish or bread tin. Place bay leaves at the bottom and line with bacon. Fill with meat mixture and fold the bacon over the top.

    3.Cover in foil and place dish in a deep roasting pan with enough hot water to come up 2/3 the side of the terrine. Bake in the oven at gas 3 /140oC for two hours. Remove foil for last hour to brown.

    4.Pour off liquid (you can retain this as stock). Press down the terrine in its dish and allow to cool, then refrigerate.

    5.To serve, tip out the terrine onto a plate or board and slice.

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