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    Wood pigeons with Bulgar wheat stuffing.


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    Wood pigeons with Bulgar wheat stuffing.

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:01 pm

    Pigeons with Bulgar Wheat Stuffing
    This recipe originates from Egypt, using pigeons, amongst other things; onions, chicken stock and bulgar wheat.

    Serves 4

    4 young pigeons weighing 250 g (9 oz) each
    1 bunch spring onions
    1/2 stick + 1 tbsp (5 tbsp) 2 1/2 oz butter
    100 g (4 oz / 2/3) cup bulgar wheat
    1/2 tbsp freshly chopped mint
    1 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
    750 ml (24 fl oz / 3 cups) chicken stock
    Wash and dry pigeons and giblets. Finely chop giblets.
    Clean, rinse and chop spring onions, combine with giblets and brown in 1 tbsp of the butter.
    Add bulgar wheat and chopped mint. Season stuffing with salt and pepper.
    Rub insides of pigeons with salt and fill each with 2 tbsp of wheat mixture. Sew cavity openings together.
    Preheat oven to 220°C (425°F) gas mark 7.
    Put pigeons in roasting pan. Melt remaining butter and trickle over pigeons.
    Pour 500 ml (16 fl oz) 2 cups of the chicken stock into a pan and bring to the boil on the hotplate.
    Roast pigeons for 30 minutes in oven, basting frequently with liquid.
    Meanwhile, bring remaining stock to the boil, add rest of bulgar wheat mixture to it and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes to allow wheat to absorb liquid.
    Spoon onto a warm serving dish and arrange pigeons on top.

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