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    Crab and salmon mi-cuit with avocado and wasabi ice cream.


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    Crab and salmon mi-cuit with avocado and wasabi ice cream.

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:27 pm

    Serves 4


    For the salmon mi-cuit - meaning half cooked

    120g piece of fresh salmon

    2 tsp vanilla oil

    For the crab

    120g white crab meat

    11/2 tbs passion fruit mayonnaise made from 5 parts Hellmans to 1 part passion fruit juice

    salt and pepper

    For the avocado and wasabi ice cream

    100ml sugar

    85ml white wine

    60ml glycerine

    75ml water

    75ml milk

    2 avocados

    5g wasabi or 1 tbs creamed horseradish
    juice of 1 lemon

    100ml double cream, lightly whipped

    1 leaf gelatine


    Start by drizzling the vanilla oil onto the salmon and wrap tightly in cling film before refrigerating for 24 hours. Keeping it in the cling film, drop into a pan of water heated on a stove to no more than a medium heat (45oC), and simmer for 10 minutes for the half-cooked texture required. Cool before serving.

    Mix the crabmeat and passion fruit mayonnaise into a firm consistency. Either push into cling film lined timbales or make into quenelles with two spoons before serving.

    For the ice cream: dissolve the sugar in the white wine, water and glycerine. Put the lemon juice, wasabi or horseradish, avocados and cold sugar liquid into a blender and blitz into a smooth puree. Stir in the milk and cream. Dissolve the gelatine, stir evenly into the mixture and place into an ice cream maker.

    To serve: slice the salmon into 4 portions and place on the plates, add the crab and finish with the ice cream topped with salmon roe.

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