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    Trout with Chive Sauce.


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    Trout with Chive Sauce.

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:30 pm

    Serves 6

    For the trout

    1 large trout fillet per person 600-800g

    Method: Place the filleted trout skin side down into a hot frying pan with some butter and olive oil. Fry until the skin is crisp, approximately 4 minutes, turn over to the other side for 2 minutes then remove from pan.

    Sautéed potatoes

    Method: Peel 6 large potatoes and slice 1/2 inch thick, pan fry with 2oz unsalted English butter, salt and pepper until crispy and golden brown.

    Chive sauce

    4 shallots, skinned and finely diced

    2 oz butter

    4 tbsp white wine vinegar

    1/4 pint fish stock

    1/4 pint double cream

    1/2 fresh lime

    Fresh chopped chives

    Fry shallots in butter, adding white wine vinegar, reduce this down to a thick consistency, add fish stock and reduce again, add cream and simmer this mixture to the desired consistency then add squeeze of lime, salt and pepper and chopped chives.This sauce should be made before cooking the fish and kept on a very low heat, as the fish will cook very quickly and become dry.

    To serve

    Seasonal green vegetables (home grown if possible) are an ideal accompaniment to this dish.

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