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    Peppered hare loin with goat’s cheese.


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    Peppered hare loin with goat’s cheese.

    Post  Admin on Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:55 pm

    2 Servings

    Prep: 15 mins

    Cook: 7 mins

    Ready In: 22 mins


    •1 loin hare 1/2 per person
    •125 grams goats cheese
    • black and white peppercorns crushed
    •2-3 juniper berries
    •1 sprig fresh rosemary
    •1 tbsp peanut oil
    •1 tsp white wine
    •2 tsps balsamic vinegar


    1.Coat the loin with crushed black and white peppercorns plus a hint of juniper (one or two crushed berries are enough). The peppered loin can be wrapped in cling film and kept in the fridge ready for cooking.

    2.Sear the loin briskly in a hot, well oiled frying pan, adding chopped rosemary for flavouring. Seal for two minutes each side. Set to one side to rest.

    3.Dress a seasonal salad with a light vinaigrette of peanut oil and white wine vinegar - mixed in a ratio of four-to-one - plus salt and pepper to taste.

    4.Splash balsamic vinegar over a thick slice of goat’s cheese and sear briefly under the grill. Alternatively, bake the cheese in a warm oven for a couple of minutes to soften, then sear with a blow torch.

    5.Place the cheese on a bed of the salad, slice the hare loin thinly and lengthways to make the slices as large as possible.

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