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    Wild Boar Pate.


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    Wild Boar Pate.

    Post  Admin on Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:23 pm

    (Prepare this pate at least 48 hours before you plan to serve it.)

    Serves 6

    2 large chicken breasts ¾ cup back fat from pork chops
    ¾ lb. wild boar and/or pork ½ cup duck livers (optional, but a great addition)
    1 Granny Smith apple, peeled & cored 1 ½ tsp salt
    ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper ¼ tsp nutmeg
    3 juniper berries 4 bay leaves
    1 tsp mixed dried herbs – marjoram, sage thyme
    ¼ cup brandy ¼ cup Port or Madeira
    1 lb bacon, preferably double smoked 2 large eggs

    Dice the chicken, wild boar or pork, the fat and livers (if using) into walnut-size pieces.
    In a very hot skillet quickly sauté the meat in small batches to brown on all sides. The meat should still be rare.

    In a bowl place the meat and apple cut into chunks and sprinkle with salt, pepper, nutmeg, juniper, 1 bay leaf, dried herbs, brandy and Port. Enjoy a sip of brandy or Port yourself. Mix well and cover. Chill for 24 hours.

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Remove the bay leaf and lift meat out of the marinade, reserving liquid. Grind the marinated meat and apple in a meat grinder fitted with a coarse blade or in a food processor. Process in very small batches.

    Dice the bacon into small pieces and mix into the pate. Mix in the eggs and juices from the marinade and mix well. Spoon off about a tablespoon of pate, form it into a small patty and fry it to test the seasoning. Adjust seasoning if necessary.Fill a terrine or loaf pan with the meat, smooth the top and decorate with bay leaves. Bake in oven for 60 minutes.

    While the pate bakes, some fat will rise to the top. If you let the fat cool with the pate, it will seal the meat and allow the flavours to develop more fully. Leave it for two days or so and you will be amply rewarded. The fat may be removed before serving, or may be eaten with the pate, depending on your preference. This pate will keep chilled for six to eight days.

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