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    Pheasant Flan with Gooseberries.


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    Pheasant Flan with Gooseberries. Empty Pheasant Flan with Gooseberries.

    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:30 pm

    Serves 4 - 5


    Short pastry flan case, about 10 inches diameter
    A cooked pheasant
    Gooseberries, fresh or in jar, about 1 ½ cupfuls
    1 medium onion or large shallot
    1 level dessertspoon of juniper berries
    1 heaped tablespoon pine kernels
    Sherry, or if you have some open, Muscat dessert wine
    1½ oz butter
    1 tablespoon flour


    Chop the onion roughly and fry gently in the butter for 2 or 3 minutes. Add the gooseberries, crushed juniper berries and pine kernels and continue to cook gently for a further minute or so. Break the pheasant meat into quite small pieces and add them to the pan - you will probably not need to use the whole pheasant. Sprinkle on the flour, stirring all the time, and cook for a further ½ minute. Add a small glass of sherry or Muscat, and then enough stock to bind the mixture in a thickened sauce. Taste, season if necessary and set on one side.

    Cook the pastry flan case ‘blind’ and allow to cool.

    Re-heat the pan containing the pheasant mixture, pile into the flan case, and place in the bottom oven of the Aga, or into a low oven. Leave it there for at least ½ hour while you have a drink and prepare the accompanying vegetables.

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