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    Devilled liver.


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    Devilled liver.

    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:34 pm

    •1 tbspn Redcurrant Jelly
    •1 tbspn Wine vinegar or Cider vinegar
    •1 tbspn English Mustard
    •A good few shakes of Worcester Sauce
    •A few shakes of Tabasco Sauce
    •1 lb Liver cut into chunks.
    •1.5 tbspn double cream or Creme Fraiche
    •Salt and ground black pepper
    Mix the Jelly, vinegar, mustard, Worcester & Tabasco together in a bowl.

    Heat about 1 tbspn oil in a pan or wok over a medium heat.

    Add liver and cook until browned.

    Add the above mixture and stir well.

    Simmer for a few minutes or until the sauce has reduced to a rich, syrupy glaze.

    Stir in the cream and then season to taste.

    Serve straight away!

    This is normally a breakfast dish which should be served on toast. Works with kidneys too or maybe a mixture of both.

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